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This response has nothing whatsoever to do with disproving or verifiying the assertions made by Dr. Williams
It has everything to do with you posted! This topic is 'Which came first: Judaism or Christianity?' Under this topic, you mentioned the Bible, Torah, and the Talmud. The erroneous assumption made was that every person is thoroughly familiar with these books. 
I included reference material on when those who followed the teachings of Jesus were first called 'Christians.' This answers your question which came first. Jesus never called himself Christian or Jew. He called himself many things but never one of those labels. How could he? God wouldn't call Himself a Christian or a Jew. That wouldn't make any sense! 
I provided information on the difference between the Torah and Talmud because, again, you brought it up. It is pointless to talk about something without a frame of reference, especially if not everyone is familiar with it.
I mentioned the difference between secular and orthodox Jews because, again, your topic talks about Judaism. It is important to know that there are two types and one precedes the other...especially when speaking in context of which came first: Judaism or Christianity.
I included information that is very critical: Many of the people of the Bible and Torah (like Abraham) are black. Jesus was black.  This explains why these books were take us out of them! This is the ONLY reason these books were doctored: TO HIDE THE REAL TRUTH! 
My references generally refute what you posted. It is very odd that your 'expert' doesn't go into any detail about the Council of Nicea when speaking of the Bible. I'll let you look up 'Council of Nicea' and its shenanigans yourself. He also claims that Jesus never existed. Seriously? He failed to prove this. If Jesus never existed then why is he featured in the three religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism? Muslims do not follow the Bible or the Torah. The only thing the 'expert' proved was that the Bible has been doctored, which I don't disagree with because of what was done by the Council of Nicea and later translators.
Question: Which group crucified Jesus on the cross? That should also answer your question: Which came first: Judaism and Christianity? 
If this topic was posted only as a means to attack anyone who disagrees then I see no point in adding any more comments or reading further.