Q. Which Came First: Christianity or Judaism

A. Neither



Although the Jews brought their manuscripts of the Torah/Talmud out of Ancient Egypt <<<Judaism was never a "BC" religion, according to Dr. Williams. It seems that a one "Rashi" aka Rabbi Solomon Bar Issac (eg. a Baron hisself) created [2] formulas (1. Protocol of the Barons and 2. the religion of Judaism --Sefa Hajasa Literature {sp}: books of the upright ones Abraham, Issac and Jacob) between (1080AD and 1100AD) which coincides with the crusades in the Middle East.


In early 1200s Moses Ben Maimon not Moses used the formula(s) of "Rashi" to map the OT manuscripts.


{Note: 1. This nefarious process was historically rewriting/erasing the true identify of the people who really connect spiritually to African God/dess Consciousness (eg. Ancient Egyptians). 2. The Knights of Templar (eg. Order of the Jesuits) were developing and expanding their power during the crusades while the Trans-Atlantic slave trade also was beginning to take form. 3. To date in London, England the banks started by Jewish Barons still exist @ 1 Lombard Street (eg. the House of Lombards, the Rothchilds and Solomon Brothers are apart of this operation.}.


(Note: 4. The OT was first published in 1475 for Christians by the Roman Catholic church who were against the Barons/Jews --money changers and the Templars. 5. Later, the Templars would become the 'invisible' muscle for the Vatican.)


The New Testament was "prepared" by Desiderius Erasmus (eg. a homosexual and illegitmate son of a Roman Catholic priest) who was a European playwright and ex-Roman Catholic priest hisself. He was commissioned by Pope Alexander, the 6th in the early 1500s to write something on the object of Christianity (eg. JC "the created creature").


It took him 16 years to formulate the Synoptic Gospels or the three manuscripts: Mark, Matthew and Luke( ie. first known as the Novum Instrumentum written:  a) in Greek (1516); b) in 1519 the name changed to Novum Testamentum; and then c) in 1535 <<<the name changed to the New Testament).


He added 6 more books (eg. Peter 1, Peter 2, Corinthans 1, Corinthans 2, Galatians and Epistles to Romans) this total = 9 total.


In 1527, Jacobs Van Liesveldt (eg. a Dutch-Jewish publisher) brought the OT and NT under one cover.


In, 1535 Martin Luther also placed the OT and NT under one cover.


(Note: 6. Understand, too, that these events were taking place at the same time as our enforced enslavement {1446}).


Jews financed the creation of the KJV under Lancelot Andrewes. The fourth gospel (eg. John) popped up at this time. Jesus first became a Jew in John. (eg. this can be traced thru your bible concordance). This is how Christianity connects to Judaism.


And the rest, as they say is his story.

Always Remember that: "Anytime We As A People Are Not Having Our WaySomeone Else Is Having Theirs...And It's Never To Our Advantage."

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