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First, Kweli4Real is a 44 year old married and monogamous man that has had and survived his hedonistic/insecure days (years).

Whoooooaaaa. Hold up there. If, God forbid, my young daughter grew up to be amoral in her behavior, the fact that I love and revere her does not mean that I cannot look down upon and be disappointed by her actions. In other works, I can condemn her actions while still loving and revering her unconditionally. I would let her know that I had higher expectations of her than that and just because others are doing it that it is no excuse or rationalization for her to follow that path in the quest for equality. by NTA

And, I have no problem with this. In fact, I have and continue to tell my 10 year old daughter much of the same thing.

That, however, is not my issue with your position on promiscuity. My issue can be summed up by asking you, "What do/would you tell your SON?" Unless it is the same thing or a similar condemnation of self-destructive behaviors, then you are a sexist, despite you love and reverance.

You tell the story of your brother warning you off the hustler's path and ask, "Was he wrong for or some kind of pejorative-ist for trying to prevent me from engaging in such a lifestyle? Was he wrong for having higher expectations of me?"

Can you not see how that undercuts your sexist view?

Apparently, your brother has/had more love for you than you have/had for him, or any other male. He saw you as a reasoning, self-controling being; not the naughty-by-nature, can't control my urges, flawed being that you represent males to be.

Finally, Noah ...

You give big ups to K41 for saying something that is miles from where you reside. His message is not your message. K41's post recognizes the power of the "P". [And guess what, I absolutely agree that woman can get a man to do just about anything with just a hint that a shot is possible.]

But where K41 got it right, he was not condemning women for living a lifestyle of her choosing. One that maintains her control over her body; rather than ceding to some undefined, male imposed lifesyle, that you approve of.

Tell me, if a woman bedded 16 CPA's and 14 PHD candidates in a month, is she more, less or equally as promiscuous as the woman that sleeps with 12 men, all of whom know each other, that she meets in a club over the course of a year?
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