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How I view and treat women is irrelevant to your interpretation. Your insecurity or hedonistic desires is what apparently make you see my statement as condescending. by NTA

I am neither insecure nor ceding to hedonistic desites. Rather, in challenging your views on promiscuity, I represent those of us that neither worship, nor ascribe inherent moral flaws and/or weakness, to one gender over another. To do so, is a simplistic, at best, and intellectual dishonesty at its worst.

Be that as it may, how can you, on the one hand claim to rever, love and exalt women; and then in the next breathe, condemn women for failing to meet some vague, moralistic code of conduct, that you have established for them alone? And, how can you argue that your behavior is not sexist?

Your position is similar to that of early desegregation teachers' treatment of gifted Black students. They professed their racial empathy and sincere desire to aid in the students success. They heralded the Black students' abilities, only to fail them, when the students did not meet the impossible standard set for the Black students alone. No amount of praise or adoration was able conceal the teachers' racist nature.

The people that I love and or respect the most in my life are all females. Because I have a great deal of respect for women and high set of expectations for women, makes me a sexist? by NTA

Love and respect aside; YES, setting high expectations for women, makes you a sexist, when you fail to hold males similar expectations. Just like a white person holding Black folk to a higher standards than white folk would rightfully be termed racist.

It is sad that so many of you are going to such length to rationalize the acceptance of women becoming just as immoral as men. by NTA

This discussion is not about "[our] rationaliz[ing] the acceptance of women becoming just as immoral as men." It's about exposing your contempt for women, in the guise of adulation, as evidenced by the length you go through to condemn them for conduct that unindicted/excused males are equal parties to.

Its about exposing the fundamental inequity of your position.