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What about this double standard...

Woman who is seen turning down very attractive, prospective mates, "She must be saving herself for the right one or marriage"

Man who is seen turning down very attractive, prospective mates, "He must be gay"

Class Act, American Pie, and several other movies I can't recall serve as paradigm's for this macho sexuality, that many young men face day to day. Time and again you see Fathers in these movies questioning the sexuality of their sons when their sons don't prematurely indulge in sexual behavior. To a certain extent promiscuity is applauded and encouraged by the Father's of these men in movies and TV shows.

I share the frustration in the double-standard of sexuality. I'm frustrated with the fact that we sit idly by and watch the peer pressure that young men go through, wait for them to fail, just to get the chance to call them 'dogs'. I'll stray away from the land of Utopia that is prevalent amidsts this discussion, and address the issue of 'Manhood'. Much of our peers equate our 'manhood' with our degree of sexual intercourse. Some men went through so much pressure that they had to lie about their sexual 'status', in order to be accepted into the male clich without being belittled or held under critical skepticizm.

*weak argument*
Do women in general desire a mate that is a virgin? Or are they more sexually responsive to a mate that appears to be more sexually experienced?

Women hold eachother to higher moral standards, but replace these standards in men with quality instead of morality.

It would appear that I suggest that the onus lies with women. However, IMHO I think the onus lies with the 'FATHERS' of men; who should encourage their sons to live to a higher standard of sexuality and preserve themselves for 'the right one'.


Problem is... most of these 'dogs' didn't have a father. So without a father alot of men emulate their peers, so in essence they are raised by their peers which is obviously problematic.