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Well, many of you sisters have obviously missed my point. Males will behave in a manner in which women reward...which means that women have the power and control...not the men. As young men, we quickly learn what types of brothers and behavior women are attracted to, because we get our queue from the brothers who have all the fine women and try to emulate their technique and method of operation. Now, that might not be scientific methodology employed by young males, but seeing and doing is the most prolific learning methodology in nature. Hence, male youth are conditioned to emulate such behavior by their biological directive to be with females.

In the land of Utopia, which many of you seem to have immigrated to, one can simply make a suggestion that males should take it upon themselves to not be promiscuou and manifests. However, in the real world, where I reside, men need an incentive to change their behavior. They are not going to change simply from the power of suggestion, like in your world of Utopia, which is the only plan offered by Utopians. Men will only be inspired to change when women start rewarding a different set of male behaviors. That's not blaming women, that's simply recognition of the power women have over the control of men. It only works via collective effort and commitment.

The same holds true for how to change women behavior, which is vie men rewarding a different set of behaviors. The problem is, however, that male biological instincs will lead them to reward promicous behavior in women. What I am saying is that for the most are happy with promicous women with th only draw back being that they are not marriage material. However, who needs marriage when you can have sex, kids and variety from a growing pool of promisuous women? Thats having your cake and eathing it too.

The greatest responsibility goes to those with the greatest power. The fact that women do not recognize their own power or do not want to assume the responsibility of the power is born from their own insecurities. As I said, women have the most valuable role in nature, not men as men are expendable and that is why traditionally they go out and fight the wars because even if the majority of them are killed, the supply of eggs and wombs is more important to being fruitful and multiplying than is the supply of sperm donor.

I would suggest that some of you women not let your personal insecurity about possible being promiscuous taint your examination of the collect condition. I am not a promiscuous man and thus I am not defending male promiscuity because I have been hedonistically rewarded from the practice. My opinion is not born from a "defensive" position in which I feel I need to rationalize an acceptance for my own behavior by ignoring it.

Men, for the most part, are not the ones complaining. Women voice most of the complaints. You might hear men lamenting about how discussed they are about scantily clad women who appear on some video.... but when they see it they aren't turning the channel and in fact many move in for a closer look. Consequently, men are reveling in female promiscuity and raunchiness. The number one business on the Internet is pornography, which is primarily a male customer base. Men are simply taking advantage of the decline of female virtue and promote even promote it, secretly or openly. No one is forcing these women to get on TV and leaving nothing to the imagination or to go to clubs with their tig bitties and bog biities all hanging out.

When one takes an inventory of feelings, it's really the women who are the unhappiest with the current situation and are the loneliest. Thus, if women are the loneliest and unhappiest from the current situation, then it only makes sense that they will be the ones to take responsibility for changing it. Don't expect the male to change when he is....having a ball.
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