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Originally posted by henry38:

This topic is about promiscuous women and some have conveniently turned it into men that hate women topic. WHERE DO YOU GUYS GET OFF.

Because the very theme of this thread/topic is logically and morally bankrupt.

First - what is the point of characterizing someone as "promiscuous"? What purpose does it serve? How does it advance humanity in any meaningful way? How does it strengthen relationships between human beings? What's the point?

I can hear Henry38 saying - "well, they ARE promiscuous". How does that differ from someone calling you a nigger? You say, well their behavior makes them promiscuous. They say, well your skin color makes you a nigger. Does that get us anywhere? Again, what's the point?

More importantly - THERE WOULD BE NO "PROMISCUOUS" WOMEN IF MEN WEREN'T SLEEPING WITH THEM. It is the most ridiculous argument to me to malign women when the behavior you attack is wholly dependent upon their interaction with men.

No men. No "promiscuity".

Why not chide men to keep their dicks in their pants? That would immediately solve the problem!

If there is promiscuity in the world it is a HUMAN problem, not a female problem. Ignoring the male role in this issue is immoral, illogical, sexist, and downright foolish. nono