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Sorry but I am not going away from this forum any time soon, as surely as you aren't going away either, despite being asked to by

Ho hum. I have never encouraged promiscuous behaviour so again you are assuming.

What I have said is do not judge a woman (or man) as being somehow more INFERIOR to another PERSON merely by their behaviour.

My posts have not been to wave a flag of promiscuousness but to fight against people's relish in making their own value judgements of others' behaviour as if making some moral stand - because I believe this behaviour in itself makes a mockery of morality.

It is this incessant judging process (itself) you are all so keen to blindly weigh into (complete with slanderous and derogatory comments about people you have never even met, just read about in the media, the media that you supposedly despise anyway for its own lack of integrity) that I am arguing against.

Whether I am part of the black community or not, I still have the right to an opinion.

It doesn't surpise me that you wish to act as self-appointed censor as well. I would point out I find it rather arrogant for you to appoint yourself as the spokesperson for the whole of the black community.

Especially as you seem to be writing the rules and continue to justify frequent visits to kkk sites as a black person - or is that in disguise? Maybe that's why I am confused about your behaviour being altruistic.

No-one has ever actually asked me what my ethics are so you are hardly in a position to judge me or them when you have no idea what they are. But hey, why ask when you have no doubt already compiled your own pre-judged list.

Yes, there are personal and social principles of morality and ethics and right and wrong. However you haven't chosen any discourse that encourages discussion or moral mindfulness of either... because you are too busy in your role of grand judge and inquisitor of everyone else's behaviour without ever evaluating your own.