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"You see the divide and rule tactics going on here. This topic is about promiscuous women and some have conveniently turned it into men that hate women topic. WHERE DO YOU GUYS GET OFF.

Why can't can't you be bold and honest as Diamond was and say "I defend Promiscuous women." At least this way we can challenge you to tell us what you are defending. Don't take the cowardly way out by hiding behind the collective womanhood. What is this BS about speaking aginst promiscuous women translates into women bashing generally. Maybe it is selective reading or you would have noticed there are women on the board talking against female promiscuity in this topic as well. Would you accuse them of women hating as well? Hmmmn divide and rule eh?

MBM did this when I said PROMISCUOUS women he changed it to say I said women in general and I ignored it but as as if on cue some of you are following his lead. Well it won't get you far, I promise you. You can wriggle and wiggle as much as you want but the topic would stay on course. This topic is about PROMISCUOUS women and not about women collectively. Learn to read.

This topic deals with one of the core problems facing the black family today. The way our women behave is the fundamental foundation of what determines our future as a race. If you wish to destroy any society you target their women. What do you do exactly when you target the women? What you do is exactly what we are discussing here. Without the moral fabric of the women intact that race or society is in deep trouble. Check your history books and see how the demise of all the great civilizations started with the breakdown of the family. The first sign of trouble is when the family structure begins to crumble and according to various posts on this board this is very evident in the black American society today.

Think about it. Would you EVER buy a car if any time you want a ride you can walk up to a car showroom and drive any car of your choice free of charge and bring it back anytime you feel like? The answer to the question is obvious.

Then ask yourself what value would any man put on women of any race that any time he felt the urge, he can just stroll up and ride one like a horse until he gets bored with her and then change her for another? How much value do you think these women hold in the eyes of anyone.

I don't know but this may explain the phenomena why many black men when when they become successful ditch their black women for women of other races. What else can explain this strange behavior.

We also have the problem where black men are voting with their feet and marrying women from all other races except black women. It is obvious black men are finding these other women are more desirable than the women who look like their mothers. This is not natural behavior on the part of these black men so what is gone wrong? Another question is what is causing this phenomena. My answer is; "it is because of the perception that has gone out that black women are easy slackers and promiscuous." This is not true but this is the impression that has gone out to the rest of the world and we need to do something to stop this false impression of our women.

Do you see the problem and why it is wrong for some of you to hijack the topic and turn it into, "If YOU speak against promiscuous women means you hate women." Get real! Put up or shut up. We have a problem and we need to talk about it. If we can not get the promiscuous women among us to mend their ways at least we can start to name and shame them.

Some of you talk about being defenders of the promiscuous woman. What exactly are you defending? Spell it out cos maybe I'm missing something here. Are you defenders of the fact that these women are usually the marriage wreckers? Or are you defenders of the fact that these women are among the biggest killers of black babies or the fact that they drag the name of the entire black race in the mire. Oh let me see, you don't care about that side of their lives, do you? Yeah right! Some morals you have. Black women are our mothers and how society perceives them reflect on the entire black race. If society perceives our mothers as whores you can imagine what value they place on us as a race. The truth is there is nothing to defend about promiscuous women that is why some of you are dragging the topic off course. You should be ashamed of yourselves to say you defend promiscuous women. I have never met a man that says he defends promiscuous men because after all what is there to defend? It is ridiculous to offer support to people of our community whose actions bring misery to a great deal of innocent people within the the black community.

Also bear in mind what these promiscuous women get up to is not their own business as some would have us believe. Their actions hurt a whole lot of people. They degrade and tarnish the reputation of the entire race of black women. They are baby killers and through their recklessness and subsequent abortions have killed more black people than slavery, the KKK and racist America all put together. Who really then is my enemy eh? Promiscuous women destroy the black family on a grand scale. In short they are the scourge and a danger to the black family and should be rooted out ruthlessly by concerned black people." by Henry38

The chance of contracting HIV/Aids is directly proportional to promiscuous sexual activity! Be it within the U.S., Africa, or otherwise, HIV/AIDS is one of the biggest killers of Black people.


Well said Henry38. As for the art_gurls of the world, you need not reply, or if you do choose to reply, you are of no consequence to this set of circumstances, and you will be ignored, because you have absolutely no connection to the Black community!

....and any Black man or woman who defends, promotes, and/or honors promiscuous behavior or activity is truly a disgrace to themselves and a threat to the Black community! IAn inept Black elected leadership, perverted sexual activity, promiscuity, Black on Black crime, treason from within the Black community, and self-destruction are major factors, that contribute to the death of the Black community!
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