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I only just saw my name in bold!

The misleading lip service from an art_gurl and/or anyone else of similar expression has little value!

It is certain that an art_gurl would be ignored or put in her place by her own Caucasian community if an art_gurl encouraged low moral standards, illegitimate birth, etc., in the Caucasian community!

If I were you, Black people, I wouldn't place much credence in the misguided or misleading views of any misleading liberal Caucasian in an art_gurl..

LOLOL!! Who said I was liberal? LOL! although I am flattered if you think I exert any influence whatsoever - LOL!! - I don't think so! So need to worry there Michael.

I'm not advocating any standards of any kind - immoral or otherwise. I am questioning the value assessment "some people" (a term I have only ever seen used in The Corporation DVD and used by Nmaginate) like to place on certain people.

However, I will say it until everyone on the internet is sick of hearing it... NO ONE PERSON HAS GREATER VALUE OR IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER PERSON.

How we each behave and how we each treat other people is the thing that varies... and it is the behaviour driven by this immoral "moralistic merit system" that I hold contempt for.