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Originally posted by sunnubian:


As a alluded to in previous posts, the only thing that people who think like this about women use a a morality stick is whether or not the female has given birth. Narrow minded, sexist, lower based thinking of women in general makes certain men believe that, "Natalee is a beautiful young girl with her entire life ahead of her -- one filled with promise as evidenced by her full scholarship to college" only because Natalee does not have a child or more than one or one "out of wedlock," while the same lower based sexist mindset makes men who possess that type of mindset automatically believe,LaToyia's life was already in ruin. She was working on her second illegitimate kid...,", based only on the fact that she gave birth to a child out of wedlock, and oh, goodness gracious me, TWO out of wedlock conceptions.
Notice that there is nothing said of the father or fathers of LaToyia's children and that men who possess such contempt for women who do not fit into their religious induced virtue box for women, have not thought or contemptous phrases, post, names, etc., even for the man responsible for murdering LaToyia? In a narrow mind like that, a cold blooded murderer has more virture than a woman who has exercised her rights in a free nation as a free woman and has had sex without the benefit of marriage, and God forbid, had the nerve to even have 'evidence' of that fact for the world to see---children.

Also, men who are that narrow minded are also stupid enough to believe that Natalie, a woman away on vacation on a foreign island, hopping in and out of cars with complete or virtual strangers, for Good knows what reasons, doing God know what, is automatically more 'virtuous' than LaToyia, merely based on the fact that Natalie does not have an illegitimate child.

It's scary how many men in this world really hate women and try to rationalize and justify what really boils down to a dislike of women to whatever they can conjure up in their minds to make it the woman's fault.

Well said... and, you know something? I am going to have to agree with you on all counts. Frown
On a positive note, thankfully there are enough wonderful men on this planet who actually do like women as PEOPLE!! Smile Eek bsm