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The people who post here don't hate themselves or their people.

THey are here trying to find solutions.

If you have suggestions post them.

Cease and desist from wasting your energy insulting us.

You will find their are a number conservative and rascist forums in which you can post your views and hear nothing but handclaps in agreement. This is not the place for you you should leave.

....being respectful to self, others, setting good moral standards, etc., etc., would be a big step in the right direction.

This solution would not require an intense brainstorming session, any thinktank, etc., because the solutions are easy to understand and to make use of.

...more likely Black people hate, disgrace, and/or insult themselves, because Black people are in fact their own worst enemy!

Perhaps you should take your own advice, because I'm not about to flip this script, or make tracks because you suggest that I do!
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