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Ok Ok I get it.... you hate black people.

So why do you post here?

If you fell as strongly as you do and if you are as succesful as you claim, why not run for office or something.

This is not the place to insult degrade and or offend black people.

The people here are trying to find solutions to the problems.

If you have suggestions why not post those instead of wasting energy posting things that incite anger and discord?

....and reading literature, no matter what form, is not even close to being the root cause of poverty and/or death in the Black community.

Poor choices, poor decisions, disregard for property rights, and disregard for life has resulted in the unwarranted property damage and/or death of other Black people, and/or many other individuals.

...more likely Black people hate themselves, because Black people are in fact their own worst enemy!
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