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Originally posted by art_gurl:
I am as tired of this topic as anyone, but I won't let this piece of "moralising" by Michael go unchallenged...

Quote:"Natalee is a beautiful young girl with her entire life ahead of her -- one filled with promise as evidenced by her full scholarship to college".

This sounds like supremesist bullshit to me.

By contrast, LaToyia's life was already in ruin. She was working on her second illegitimate kid..." Blah blah. "...this is pure savagery...blah"

Exactly who gives you the divine right to aportion value to one human being as being better than another? OK it's just your opinion. Gasp...!

Who has a crystal ball to say beyond doubt that Natalee mightn't go on to become a lawyer and showed promise for fraudulent behaviour... and fcuked over 100s of people? So what if she was "BEAUTIFUL" or "full of promise"... she is NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. Certainly not "better" than LaToyia!

Maybe LaToyia, because of all her own experiences, might have gone on to be a social worker or mentor, who might have a profound influence of 1000's of people's lives and made a real difference. We will never know.

Michael - you are missing compassion and empathy big time. No wonder you frequent some of the sites you do without a second thought.



"Although this case has been bullied onto the national news to prove a point about race and media by political opportunists like Richard Cranium, it never was a case about a missing woman and is not national news. There is nothing particularly unusual about this case. She is an inner-city African-American/Latino woman, living a more than unconventional lifestyle in a high crime area, and now she's missing--big surprise. Furthermore, this story is hurtful to minorities because it has done nothing other than to reinfornce negative stereotypes: (1) LaToyia's father and other relatives are barely literate; (2) LaToyia's best friend said: "She coulda been snatched up by anybody, or one of her baby's fathas, or some guy she's messin wit" (rolling eyes); and (3) rather than save up more money, LaToyia and Baby Fatha No. 2 took their money and bought fried seafood rather than pay the $35 co-pay for prenatal care. The Natalee Holloway case is national news. She is a beautiful young woman, with a full scholarship to the University of Alabama, who disappears on what would otherwise be a dream vacation to an island resort with the lowest crime rate in the world. Big, big difference, in every respect. I hope LaToyia returns home safely, although I doubt it. In the end, however, we should not have to have our national news littered with this story. I assure you the end result will only cause more embarassment and humiliation, and it's clear that national news anchors are annoyed by having to cover this story because they too, of course, realize it's not national news. Wise up Cranium, this isn't about you and your outdated political agenda."

Well artgurl,

Although I'm not the author of this material, it makes sense. I have chosen to distance myself from those whose moral standards are in the toilet, rather than join their ranks.

Following in their footsteps, or forming an alliance with anyone whose moral standards are in the toilet, would more so than not, keep me in poverty, lead to criminal prosecution, and/or call for increased government intervention in my life, which more so than not would severely limit my success, and/or ruin my own future.

Authorities on the subject, and proof of the connection between single parenthood, illegitimate child birth, and poverty, are definitely worth paying attention to.

The misleading lip service from an art_gurl and/or anyone else of similar expression has little value!

It is certain that an art_gurl would be ignored or put in her place by her own Caucasian community if an art_gurl encouraged low moral standards, illegitimate birth, etc., in the Caucasian community!

If I were you, Black people, I wouldn't place much credence in the misguided or misleading views of any misleading liberal Caucasian in an art_gurl..

More so than in any other community, as applied to the Black community, encouraging low moral standards, and illegitimate birth, are contributing factors to single parent families, poverty, and/or criminal activity!

Mind you, statistically, more so than the family structure of any other ethnic group, Black families:

A. are headed by a single parent.

B. have a higher illegitimate child birth rate.

C. are dependent on social welfare, and/or increased government intervention for its' survival.

These factors contribute to the increased poverty rate, welfare dependency, and/or criminal activity in our community!

....and the points or authorities are valid, neither of which come from any KKK, StormFront, or similar website.

Although it is certain that some of the same material can be found on a KKK website, as it concerns the high illegitimate birth rate of Black children, the high incidence of Black families dependent on social welfare, the high crime rate that exists in the Black community, etc.

The same information comes from many sources, and Black people who have lived in the inner-city with their eyes, ears, and minds open know this is true!

.....art_gurl, and/or anyone else of similar expression, I could care less what you think of me, because you are not an ingredient to my success.


Michael Lofton
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