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"There is no double standards here. It's men who label these women promiscous. Why? Simple really!! Men play and have fun with these type of women but deep down very few men want to end up with a woman that is the local town whore as the wife or the mother of his children.

Take a close look at the topic again. The defenders of female promiscuity are women and the ones who speak against it are the men, what does that tell you as a woman?" by Henry38

......where Henry38 puts it bluntly, this is very much a part of the reality of it. There is no reward at the end of the rainbow for having low moral standards, be it male or female.

"I am personally outraged that you would have the nerve, that you would dare to post anything on this topic. And you post it to promote the same old sanctimonious song you've been singing since you learned to talk. You use this topic to malign the lives of African Americans. Have you no shame, none whatsoever?

You are the author of the two quotes used to start this topic, the two quotes that you have highlighted here." by Popcorn

Think what you will, but any woman who makes mistake number one of having a child out of wedlock, and who failed to learn from her first mistake by having a second child out of wedlock, where both fathers choose not to be responsible, means both parents morals are very bad. It would not be difficult to determine that any woman living this lifestyle is promiscuous, or has the tendency to be promiscuous.

Any biological father who is just as responsible for the care of the child is not being a responsible parent. He would also have low moral standards, which would also make him just as promiscuous. In most cases, the court system will order the biological father to provide child support, even if no more than to reimburse the government for the administrative costs, and other costs associated with providing AFDC benefits for the mother and her illegitimate children.

"Although this case has been bullied onto the national news to prove a point about race and media by political opportunists like Richard Cranium, it never was a case about a missing woman and is not national news. There is nothing particularly unusual about this case. She is an inner-city African-American/Latino woman, living a more than unconventional lifestyle in a high crime area, and now she's missing--big surprise. Furthermore, this story is hurtful to minorities because it has done nothing other than to reinfornce negative stereotypes: (1) LaToyia's father and other relatives are barely literate; (2) LaToyia's best friend said: "She coulda been snatched up by anybody, or one of her baby's fathas, or some guy she's messin wit" (rolling eyes); and (3) rather than save up more money, LaToyia and Baby Fatha No. 2 took their money and bought fried seafood rather than pay the $35 co-pay for prenatal care.

The Natalee Holloway case is national news. She is a beautiful young woman, with a full scholarship to the University of Alabama, who disappears on what would otherwise be a dream vacation to an island resort with the lowest crime rate in the world. Big, big difference, in every respect. I hope LaToyia returns home safely, although I doubt it. In the end, however, we should not have to have our national news littered with this story. I assure you the end result will only cause more embarassment and humiliation, and it's clear that national news anchors are annoyed by having to cover this story because they too, of course, realize it's not national news. Wise up Cranium, this isn't about you and your outdated political agenda".......

........."Now, I will repeat the salient points. The majority of America is interested in the Natalee Holloway story for several reasons. First, Aruba happens to be a favorite vacation resort for tens of thousands of Americans, every year, and one of the reasons is that it historically has a very low crime rate. Second, Natalee is a beautiful young girl with her entire life ahead of her--one filled with promise as evidenced by her full scholarship to college.

By contrast, LaToyia's life was already in ruin. She was working on her second illegitimate kid. She was irresponsible with her money, as evidenced by the fact that her and Baby Fatha No. 2 didn't even have $35 between them to satisfy the insurance co-pay for prenatal care. And, what did they do with the money they did have on them that day?--they went out and bought some greasy seafood lunch. This is pure savagery. This is also the reason why 80% of the American public consider her life to be anathema to proper living and are annoyed that their news is interrupted and littered by the LaToyia case. You can see the obvious backlash, as LaToyia is barely covered now, if at all, while Natalee continues to receive the coverage she deserves. Finally, LaToyia would not have received any coverage at all if her cousin was not a city council member, and if her uncle were not a city detective. This is what makes the LaToyia case an even bigger hypocrisy since all of the whining bloggers were using her as a martyr to make statements about favoritism in the media.

In the end, this was yet another tactical error, not unlike the recent NARAL ad that was pulled, by minorities and liberal bedwetters who can't get acceptance of their unpopular positions and causes through any other means than whining."

...and this is from the thoughts of another individual, to share the reality that having low moral standards is not a ticket to prosperity.

Generally, anyone with high moral standards is given an edge over anyone else whose moral standards are very low.

Well, outraged or not, it is about time Black folks stop living in a dream world. The stigma that goes with having children out of wedlock, or having low moral standards is very real. I could care less how outraged you or anyone else become, because it is more important that the reality be stated, in that having low moral standards promotes failure, and does not promote prosperity.

I have a first cousin who finished medical school, and who is a licensed medical doctor. Before my cousin had a child out of wedlock, her peers had the utmost respect for my cousin. After practicing medicine for several years, my cousin had a child out of wedlock. Less respect was shown for my cousin, as a result of her having a child out of wedlock.

In my own life I have had dealings with women who have had children out of wedlock. By and large, this group of Black women, have created their own misery, to be destined for a life of poverty, the exception being the very few who already had a marketable skill, the few who made the necessary sacrifices to acquire a marketable skill, and/or the women who chose not to make the same mistake of having more illegitimate children.

The women with one or more illegitimate children, who did not have a marketable skill, or who refused to make the necessary sacrifice to acquire a marketable skill, and who also chose to have more illegitimate children out of wedlock are dependent on social welfare, some have resorted to criminal activity for survival, a few are on the verge of being homeless, and/or wish for a miracle that a "Sugar Daddy" comes to their aid, to bail them out from under the serious financial problems that each of these individuals face.

Mind you in each case the biological father deserted each of these women, both financially, and/or from a mutual parenting responsibility standpoint.

I have helped a few of them by buying them groceries, making a car payment for one or two of them, etc. I'm not about to become that "Sugar Daddy" for anyone of them. Having lived in poverty, and risen from extreme poverty, I'm not about to be driven back into poverty behind the life style of anyone whose low moral standards, and/or whose intentional desire is to remain unmarketable, in a world that requires a marketable skill for survival, that is if your goal is to make a legal living. Should your desire be to immoral, or refrain from acquiring a marketable skill, then you can be as criminal, and uncouth as you want to be, but eventually any individual who chooses this option, will pay a steep price for such a life style. Developing a relationship with anyone of these individuals will eventually contribute to my detriment also,....that is, in the event I were to jump through any hoop of financial misery, to be that "Sugar Daddy", at my own expense.

This is why it is a waste of my time, to reply to a Popcorn, a Kevin41, etc., because it is about time Black people stop dreaming, and share the reality of this situation, as opposed to living in "LA LA Land" by dreaming, that having low moral standards is some ticket to prosperity!
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