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I have used the word "Promiscuious" referring to a gay man. Unfortunately a gay friend has displayed promiscuious behavior. After sometime of knowing this individual, I realized some gay men prefer a lifestyle of one sexual escapade after another and his lifestyle is like that.

I must say, I am a DEFENDER of women who are called promiscuious. I can't throw that first stone! I believe one's sexual preferences/desires is one's own business.

POPCORN writes:

"Latoyia Figueroa has been a single mother since her teens, and with this second child on the way... she has been promiscuous."

"It is very possible that her own promiscuity may have contributed to her present situation."

And WHERE did you get that quote from?
Can you imagine a young woman in your family being missing since July 18th and not knowing what happen to her until the middle of August. It seems un-real that anyone would write such a derogatory statement about someone who is 24 years old and pregnant for the second time. I know young women the same age that have 6 children. What do you call them? And besides, I don't care what Latoyia's lifestyle was she deserves the same news coverage and search as NATALEE vacationing in ARUBA. The US is a melting pot of nationalities, ethnic groups and social-economic classes. What's good for one group is good for the others.

Now that we know the boyfriend did it, now is the time to address domestic violence issues.