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First off, good to see you back Sis S. Smile

If you feel that my post was aimed as a personal attack then I unreservedly apologise coz I think you're an awesome woman and I DO respect your viewpoints and posts. tfro

Sis S: "I believe, as my faith teaches, that some people ARE better than others."

Ethically and morally I don't and can't agree with this statement. That's just my personal opinion.

I believe all people are equal, and it is our individual consciousness to choose how we BEHAVE whether sexually, in business, whatever.

For me it is the spirit and motivation of how each person CHOOSES to act at a particular moment that holds clarity and purpose and ethics. To me that IS everything. Going a step further, to me, by judging those choices is irrelevant and arrogant, unless we are more than human and/or mindreaders.

But that is art_gurl's unique perspective on life and is irrelevant to anyone but me.

Perhaps Sis S we can agree that some people's (male and female) BEHAVIOUR is better than others? But we don't have to agree on anything, that is cool, although I'm sure we both agree that life isn't about nodding and agreeing with each other. Smile


I think the depth of feeling and reaction this thread has generated shows it was a valid one to start Ms Popcorn. All discussion is good to blow away the 'cobwebs'.