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Originally posted by art_gurl:
Originally posted by SistahSouljah:

A guy can't get mad when he dresses up like a fireman and stands by a firetruck, and someone asks him for help, can he?

You can interpret it how you want. It all makes perfect sense to me. If I seem to be standing more on the male side, I guess that's just the way it is.

There is a difference between a woman who sleeps with one or more men that she has more than a sexual relationship with, and, a woman who sleeps around ONLY for money, trophy-hunting, lack of self-esteem or other 'favours' - certainly, that does qualify as whorish behaviour. The same should apply equally to men.

UNLESS there is a double standard which suggests that it doesn't matter WHY a guy sleeps around any excuse is all fine, fabulous, never questioned, never criticized etc. That is being unequal and sexist.

BOTH men and women have the ability to make an individual, conscious choice how to behave.

I was not trying to be 'trick' with your fireman analogy, I just didn't understand it. I asked so I wouldn't misinterpret it.

I take it you are saying that people who act promiscuously deserve to be treated that way, as somehow inferior and less worthy. Unless, they are men.

I am not advocating promiscuity as a way of life, and I agree that they are putting themselves at personal risk.

But the next step with that is to say that women who dress provocatively (and isn't that open for interpretation) deserve to get raped. (I am NOT SAYING you believe that). Sorry but I don't buy into either argument or line of thinking.

I expect to treat people how they are when I meet them and in that context and not make assumptions. I prefer to make up my own mind. People should never be judged, period. But more importantly, people should never be judged for their actions purely from: gossip, assumption; based only on past behaviour not current; because it's likely they have evolved or grown.

Why have a prison system or rehabilitation if everyone supposedly never changes or evolves or gains insight or self-evaluates? Some people don't change but lots of people do.

The issue I have with dialog that contains words such as 'should' and 'judging' and what's considered 'right' or 'wrong' is that no there is no absolute one-size-fits-all same 'right and wrong solution' guaranteed to be relevant for every person, in every situation, in every culture, to suit every stage of people's lives.

In other words, my philosophy is to give everybody the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise.

While this topic is getting annoyingly repetitive, let me AGAIN attempt to clarify my point. Not that it will do any good.

I am not letting men off the hook either, if that is what you think. IMO a whore is a whore is a whore and I don't care if the gender is male, female, or alien.

That said, I believe neither men nor women should complain about being called names if they are engaging in that behavior. Can a person who killed 4,000 people in cold blood really complain about getting put to death? Gimme a break.

I am not talking about people who 'might be' or 'could be' promiscuous. This isn't about looking at someone and thinking they are one way or another. I'm talking about people who ARE. Whether that is proven to me personally is besides the point. I don't just go around calling people names.

No one deserves to be raped. If a woman dresses provocatively and teases men, she should not be surprised at a negative response. That doesn't make it right, but that's just the way things go.

I believe, as my faith teaches, that some people ARE better than others. This isn't determined by gender so if you think I'm giving all men a pass, you are wrong. God judges by righteousness. The person who obeys Him and refrains from the forbidden things is more worthy than the person who doesn't. I don't make the rules, and I don't have a problem with them.

So many people expect men to be promiscuous anyway, so why are y'all acting so shocked that they are NOT being called names as frequently as women?? This isn't about equalizing name calling. It's about morality, and as I've said a million times, don't do the bad shit so you won't be mad when you get hit! It's not difficult and I'm damned tired of this topic. People are gonna do what they are gonna do, women are still gonna be called whores more than men, so what??? What are you gonna do about it? Everybody's always complaining about guys screwing up, but yeah, who's talking about the mistakes women are making? It's not equal in more ways than one, and dammit I'm sick of the automatic expection that I should be standing up for all women and fighting for the cause...fuck that! I'm not going to defend a promiscuous woman just 'cuz we both have vaginas! And as far as promiscuous men, the nasty bastards need to learn how to keep their dicks in their pants!

Am I sticking up for men more than women? No. Why not? Well for your info, I just found out that the father of my unborn child has two other kids on the way too. So I'm pissed, this shit is ridiculous, and I shouldn't be attacked for having this opinion. While y'all are worried about making things equal, I want the shit to get cut out, period. Why don't you get to the damn root instead of beating around the bush.