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Originally posted by Michael:

In the end, however, we should not have to have our national news littered with this story. I assure you the end result will only cause more embarassment and humiliation, and it's clear that national news anchors are annoyed by having to cover this story because they too, of course, realize it's not national news.


I am personally outraged that you would have the nerve, that you would dare to post anything on this topic. And you post it to promote the same old sanctimonious song you've been singing since you learned to talk. You use this topic to malign the lives of African Americans. Have you no shame, none whatsoever?

You are the author of the two quotes used to start this topic, the two quotes that you have highlighted here.

Exactly four minutes after this topic was posted, Faheem asked,

"Where did you pull these quotes from?"

You read Faheem's question and the original post repeatedly.

Where were you then??????????????????????????????

You didn't have the courage, did not have an ounce of courage to identify yourself as the author of the quotes. Even after the question was asked, someone else had to identify you.

And a day later, after SistahSouljah identified you, still you said nothing. A week later, still nothing. Now, when you believe it is opportune, you have the nerve to use the death of a young women to advance your same old tired disquisition.

But even now in your two recent posts you don't identify yourself as the author of the quotes. Instead, you link the quotes to the original article posted on another topic.

And you speak of hypocrisy in the media and whining bloggers! Your only interest in Latoyia Figueroa is the advancement of your own sick agenda. You haven't a single ounce of compassion, not a single tear for Latoyia Figueroa or her family.

You are a hypocritical, despicable coward! A despicable coward who uses the tragic death of a young mother and her unborn baby to profane the lives of Black Americans.

Any dialogue I have had with you... if you can call it that, is done, finished, over! Now and forever. – Issues & Politics Pregnant Black Woman Missing; Where's the Laci Peterson-Like Coverage?
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