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You have the biggest case of "I hate my enemy more than I love myself/my people" that I have ever witnessed.

It appears that the main point of discredit to Star Parker is the fact that White folks reference her?
Damn dude... I'm glad I don't have time to respond to this.

First you say some UNFOUNDED bullshit... (something you haven't even demonstrated by your own logic/reasoning)...

Then you say some more of that "IT SEEMS", "IT APPEARS" bullshit. NO! Dumbass! The "main" point of discredit is Star Parker's obvious fake ass posture in the company of the Whites THAT SUPPORT HER and PROP HER UP.

The fact that I said that (about her support and White PROPPING) and you ran with the silly White posters (I was referencing) who reference her just proves that you have no concept of what a "main" point is or really think you can get away with STRAW MAN arguments.

CF... When you say stupid stuff like that, you would be better serve by STFU!!

Sorry, but when it comes to people who are real and those who are FAKE... I'm gonna call the FAKE ones out everyday. And Star Parker is the most blantantly FAKE mf out there. Again, look at who I compared here to: JESSE LEE PETERSON "The BUFFOON In Chief".

Now there are plenty other Black Republicans/Black CONservatives I can respect as people who honestly hold the positions they do and do so from a principled position.

Right here on this forum I have more or less defended Wayne Perryman... So you can chill with all that canned bullshit talking about GROUP THINK... And please...

But I know that if Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton talked about "promiscuity" that you would suck it up, despite they BOTH supposedly being Preachers of the word of God and both having problems with marital infidelity...
CF, this forum has a very good search function. SEEK and Ye Shall FIND...

I've already told you Jesse and Al are not within my ideological camp. Please, TRY DUMB AGAIN.

There have been recent threads on Al and you have not seen me do anything of the such. Don't presume I'd do or say anything. REFERENCE where I actually have. If it's true, what you say, then it shouldn't be that hard. But since you haven't and you CAN'T then...

Here is a thread on Al and somehow I didn't show up at all. How could I ever do that to Al: