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Originally posted by MBM:
I may be missing the point, but why is there the need to characterize anyone else's personal behavior? It seems that this kind of thing (calling someone promiscuous) only serves to artificially prop up the name caller's inadequate sense of self esteem.

Seemingly - as usual - I disagree with you MBM.

It seems that many people on this board are into "community interests" and "collectivist behavior".

With all of the ailments that permeate the Black community it seems that responsible sexual relationships play an undue part in many of them. As the good sister Star Parker points out many of the pandemic problems within the Black Community are rooted in irresponsible sexual behavior - HIV, high rates of absentee fathers, prostitution.

Over time when a man who was committed to a woman found that the woman was pregnat it was time for celebration. The traditional "cigar" was passed out as he notified everyone.
Sadly and too often today the words said are "Damn that Bitch is pregnant" as the man rejects taking responsibility for what his acts of self gratification has produced.

>Q: What has been the impact of the welfare system on the black family?
>P: I believe the welfare system played a major role in tearing down the
>black family. I debated Rev. Jesse Jackson about this on CNN and Company a
>year or so back. He insisted that racism and poverty are the main causes of
>the breakdown of the black family. We need to be clear about what exactly
>that means. Up until 1965 illegitimacy rates in the black community were at
>22%. Today they are at 70%. There has been a breakdown in the family. I
>can't be convinced by any of our traditional civil rights leaders that
>racism and poverty are the causes of that phenomenon. We've seen more
>extreme cases of both racism and poverty in the past, and yet the black
>family remained intact until 1965. The black family survived slavery, two
>world wars, the great depression, forced segregation and aggressive racism.
>And yet, up until 1965, 78% of husbands were in the household with their
>wives and children.
>Q: How has welfare contributed to that?
>P: Because it's an easy out. I like the way George Gilder describes it. He
>says women have sexual superiority and we socialize men. The woman used to
>be the one who demanded social responsibility of the man. Marriage would
>usually come before pregnancy. Because of the safety net, women are more
>sexually irresponsible and allow men to assume no responsibility--they no
>longer have to accept any responsibility because the government steps
>in--rich Uncle Sam, who will take care of you, is there. It's now easy for
>men to walk totally away from their responsibility, and the women allow
>them to walk away. Their attitude now is, "I don't need him, I can get some
>money." I didn't even tell my first daughter's father that I was pregnant.
>I went straight to the welfare office. The other times I went straight to
>the welfare office. We've set our guard down. Men used to work very hard to
>catch a woman so she could bear his children. Today men just prowl, because
>of the welfare state.