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Originally posted by art_gurl:
Originally posted by SistahSouljah:
Even if you want to tear it down to the very basics. The innate instinct to track down and find a mate is simply stronger in men (or it should be).

Sis let's examine this primal context of mating. Is it to procreate and stay together to protect the offspring? Or find a mate, fornicate and disappear? I'll accept your statement as relevant IF we are applying the first idea. Find a mate. Procreate. Stay together and protect and nurture the offspring.

In reality it is universally women who - consciously or unconsciously - devote more time, energy and 'effort' and have a greater desire to find a mate, procreate and stay together.

And still it all boils down to this, if you don't want to be called a whore, don't act like a whore.

Fair comment, but what does this mean... Confused

A guy can't get mad when he dresses up like a fireman and stands by a firetruck, and someone asks him for help, can he?

I almost hear the sound of sexim... please reassure me.

You can interpret it how you want. It all makes perfect sense to me. If I seem to be standing more on the male side, I guess that's just the way it is. I'm NOT going to defend promiscuous women just because I'm a woman, and I'm NOT going to act like they should be let off the hook. Double standard my ass. If people act right they won't have to worry about it. And they won't need a 'moral escape route', whatever that means.