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well howdy VOX... what have I missed? hasn't there been some excitement overnight, lol! Smile

Vox I enjoy reading most of your posts but this one doesn't make sense to me at all. I'm not really ruffled - this is alll no more just a playful verbal wrestle. Wink

You certainly have your own take on male female relations, but I'm finding it a bit weird. Car sales analogies? GIft horses, value judgements about who should/does get rejected sexually. nonoAhem....

The discussion wasn't about who can pull the most sexual partners... men vs women. It was what I took from your comments such as....

"On the other hand, since the woman doesn't have to go through the same effort, she can't be a "playa" or a "stud" if she sleeps with a lot of men. "

I think it's more the case that if a woman sleeps with only 1 or 2 men she is accused of being a hoe.

What concerns me is this "the same effort" statement. This casts a scary shadow. What is this effort you speak of?

"All the average woman has to do to get sex is to let a man know she wants him. So if she sleeps with a lot of men, she's like the easy customer in the above example."

Average-smaverish lol... Are you annoyed about this? Is this the issue? And is that true? And if it is, then doesn't it say that men are the indiscrimnant ones?

"..ruffled at the thought of there being an >>actual basis<< for the difference in the way these men are seen vs. the women. But I don't think you really believe I'm incorrect."

what I am supposed to agree with? ...that men are 'easier' than women? Sure, I agree on that one. Maybe it's men who should have more standards, lol.

"Now, imagine the man who would get 5 YESes out of 10. You know you're thinking, "Wow, he sure is a disgusting freak, but I wonder what it is about him that half of the women he asked that ridiculous question to actually said yes."

I'm actually a bit troubled by this statement. One reason is that you seem to presume that a woman would only turn down a guy coz he is ugly or deformed. Not true. Isn't that precisely the morality thing - she might turn him down because she doesn't like him, or BECAUSE she REALLY likes him? Or a gazillion other reasons. I guess you men just aren't in-tun to know the difference, huh? And I guess y'all would never ask either? LOL. Big Grin

I could be petty about the 'freak' remark and ask you to define that, lol. You KNOW what it means to most MEN don't you? And it's not about their looks. Smile

"The woman who gets 5 yeses (yesses? yes's??) is not going to get that same reaction, because the dynamic is different. Among those 10 men are those who would figure this as the gift horse not to look in the mouth. Or maybe they'd look it in the mouth, but they still would get with the woman... "

You're right there, if she only got 5 out of 10 she'd get lots of men proclaiming SHE wasn't good enough/pretty enough for them. NOT that she was selective. Which is what she most certainly was!