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Originally posted by SistahSouljah:

Vox is right.

There's a reason why men are "studs" or playas for doing the same thing women do who are "sluts."

Vox is NOT right. He may consider himself an animal, but I like to think of myself with higher standards.

He may like the implication of his argument and analogy that all women are objects to be won, bought by some slick salesman, but I don't. It's a piss-poor analogy and offensive on this site which focuses on people being bought and sold.

He may like the implication of his "salesmen" analogy" that after a women in "won" once, twice, three times by one, two, three men in his fucked-up scenario that she's a whore, slut, cunt, but I don't like it.

He may like the implication of his post and and analogy that his mother, his sister, his daughter is a whore, slut, or cunt, but I don't.

He likes the idea that his wife, lover, girlfriend is one and all of the above, "the "ho" in a transaction, but don't put that label on me.

That more of you "fellas" out there don't challenge these implications about your women just tells me how gutless you are. CF is the only man here with any courage who is willing to take a risk.

Another thoughtless vulgar post by another thoughtless vulgar man.

A "transaction", Vox? You goddamn fool.
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