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Originally posted by Constructive Feedback:
Popcorn - I knew you were a woman!!!

I agree with you 100%.

For every "single woman" there is a man who is, IN MANY CASES, disconnected from his children.

First let me say that there is no way to get around the fact that the woman is the mother of all children (until technology screws this all up) and as a result she is going to have the child grow inside her regardless of what the man does.

With tht being the case the woman needs to realize the facts of nature and be careful about what she engages in with the sperm donor with slick tongue.

At the same time it is the Black Male who must be taught the concept of respect and protection of the Black woman or we collapse as a people.

You wouldn't believe the number of times that I talk about the critical need of men to not disrespect Black women by calling them out of their name or when I point to the IGNORANT lyrics of some SAMBO entertainer that young Black males will fire back that THESE PEOPLE ARE ONLY TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WOMEN THAT THEY RUN INTO (ie: Mike Jones' song).

Sadly these same people are the main ones chasing after "White Racism" for the BENEFIT of Black people YET THEY CAN'T EVEN FIND IN THEMSELVES A WAY TO SHOW RESPECT FOR A BLACK WOMAN WHO DOES NOT HAVE IT FOR HERSELF. When they have a chance to show "love" for Black people beyond their rhetoric they fail misrably.

Malcolm X in his Autobiography talked about how after he gained power women would thrown themselves at him as women are attracted to men of power. In his disciplined state he felt pitty for them in their unconscious state and suggested that they attend the local mosque to learn about themselves.

Today we have too many men seeking tactile pleasure on tip of their penis rather than living in accord to some greater cultural framework. (Kevin - how is your communalism simply an issue of money rather than other issues that represent the 'common interest'?)

I'm done cannot explain the logic of your position without game-playing and you use games to twist around the schit you are called out on as deficient the way you explain them....we are at the end of the road...since you could not be straight-up in your responses to the simple azz questions I asked....i will continue to fight the blkCon tooth and nail...on behalf of those who delivered us from jim crow and overt racism....because the blkCon is willing to roll back the clock on past gains and let all those marches, beatings and lynchings be in vain...and those kind of people I find to be a waste of time online....and someone to verbally abuse when they insult the intelligence of black people in person......which has only happened to me twice that I can remember...word gets around to them as so far as where they can espouse that I have a class start soon...which is much more productive than trying to convince a self-hating black man of anything beneficial to blacks people en masse.........