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"Latoyia Figueroa has been a single mother since her teens, and with this second child on the way... she has been promiscuous."

"It is very possible that her own promiscuity may have contributed to her present situation."


Have you ever noticed that these two word, "promiscuity" and "promiscuous" are almost exclusively applied to women?

How come?

Do you ever remember hearing a man called "promiscuous"?

The words, an adjective and a noun, are NOT gender specific. How come they always refer to women?

I mean, an unmarried man can screw his way across the continent but these two words will never apply to him. He'll be called a "stud" or a "ladies man" and his friends and family will wink at each other and kid him about it. He may even strut around and brag to his buddies about all his "conquests" and make cruel jokes about the women he has slept with.

Oh, but for an unmarried women, the story is altogether different. If an unmarried women has even a single sexual relationship, just one and it becomes known, she's runs the risk of being called "promiscuous" or "easy" or something even worse. She is morally condemned and her condition is a "moral consequence" of her behavior.

So, I'm just wondering, what kind of double standard is this? Really, what the hell kind of double standard is this?

And as the writer of the quotations shows, people use pregnancy as evidence of a women's promiscuity. But isn't it funny that if a man could get pregnant every time he had a sexual encounter, half the men in this country would have twenty kids, at least. I wonder if men would be called "promiscuous" then.

And for women, it's the same old history, the same old double standard, the same old moral condemnation , the same old culture of exclusion. She's promiscuous and her own promiscuity has "contributed to her present situation."

I'll give the writer of the quotations a pass; he's just being thoughtless and inconsiderate. And in most cases, when these words are applied to women, it is just someone being thoughtless or inconsiderate.

But sometimes it's deliberate with the intention to hurt, and the effect can damage a women's self-esteem, her self-worth, her value as a person. They're scornful, demeaning, hurtful words.

So, if you thoughtlessly use these words to describe women, there is penance to be done. You must listen to Chaka Khan singing the words of "Beautiful" five times.

And if you intentionally use these words to diminish the value of women, try to remember all of the women who have made your life worthwhile; a mother, sister, grandmother; an aunt, cousin, or friend; a lover, wife, a daughter.
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