Reply to "Prince vs. Michael"

Hmmm might as well continue the debate...I don't got anything else to do at this hour.


The Idea that Michael Jackson didn't produce and arrange his music needs to stop.


Michael Jackson Co-Produced all his solo albums, did all of the background singing and vocal arrangements etc. He wrote all but 2 songs on Bad.


Michael Jackson almost wrote all his hit songs.


He wrote Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Billie Jean, Beat it, Bad, Smooth Criminal, Dirty Diana,Can't Stop Lovin' U, The Way You Make Me Feel, Black and White, Remember The Time and Scream.


Michael Jackson also had better music videos and had input in those.


Michael Jackson also is the better performer, dancer, and singer.


Michael Jackson didn't play any instruments.


Prince produced and wrote all his albums and even played all of the instruments on some of them. Prince was also extremely pop but had adult subject matter. Michael Jackson was kid friendly.


I think overall, Michael Jackson has the better music, but Prince is the better auteur, Michael Jackson was going for Pop sensibilities all the way. He didn't inject his personality or thought into his music but he injected feelings.


Prince major commercial success ended after Signs of the Times. Michael major commercial success ended after HIStory. Both had small revivals in the early 2000s. 


Prince albums had a lot of hit and miss. Michael's albums were very lean and efficient.


I side with MIchael overall but it is close, Michael had a better peak from Off the Wall to Dangerous and I feel like Prince fizzled out too early for me. Both are among over the biggest African American music artists ever.