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Reply to "Prez Obama: Democratic Voter Apathy Inexcusable, VP Biden tells Dems to Stop Whining"

ER, I agree, that word "lethargic" is like a 1000 pound ball & chain dead weight around the neck of Democrats when it comes to being consistant in the continuation of staying motivated and involved in politics, especially state and local and IMO, it seems that the Democratic leadership should have known or kept abreast of this reality about it's base.........
DAMN!!!!!    Well PREACH IT then, Cholly!! 

EVERY word you just wrote was absolutely the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH!!! 

The only thing I think I would add is that ... I'm not so sure that when it comes to laying the "blame" for all of that, that it's proper to lay it at the feet of the President!!  He is/was, after all, a political "novice" at the time he took this job ... and more than a little naive about what, exactly, was happening around the country - especially concerning him!!  And, as for the "old guard" Democratic leadership ... well, they hadn't ever seen anything like that, either!!  And obviously didn't/haven't know(n) what to do with it!! 

However ...with most of them having been in the game for past DECADES ... their total and complete ineffectiveness (pretty much regarding anything political all across the board) is, IMO, rather inexcusable!!

If you remember ... the PResident refused to believe that there was anyone in the country who was voting for him "just because ...."  He was (mistakenly) so sure that most of us (voters in general) were dedicated to the betterment of the COUNTRY ... that more/most people believed in his vision ... cared about the (rancid) political climate that was going on around us.... and that it was NOT about just him!!

IMO, that was probably the first clue that the President was "disconnected" from the current political reality of both America and the American voter. (Well .. make that the second clue ... because the first was actually that "post-racial" insanity that he came out of the gate with! ).  And since that time, largely I think, due to the inadequate and misguided counsel of the set of inappropriate "advisers" that he choose to surround himself with, he has continued to 'miscalculate' important realities .... and, judging from some of his current actions and speech,  I'm not sure he is yet 'straighten out' about what's really going on in the minds of voters.

But, he better figure it out with a quickness.  Time is running short.  And, as you said, mistakes, are this point, could spell devastation all around. 

But ... I absolutely agree with you.  If you have mule that you KNOW is not about to move, then it's all on you to grab a carrot .. put it on the end of a stick .... tie that stick to the back of its head .... if you intend to get any plowing done for the day!! 

And again .... AMEN to that!!  You hit that nail squarely on the head, fa sho!!