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Reply to "Prez Obama: Democratic Voter Apathy Inexcusable, VP Biden tells Dems to Stop Whining"

The White House should have "bucked up"and "stop whining" since they got the gig because they are the ones who did not keep the fire burning with the Dem voters all across America.

You know, Cholly .... I hear ya!!  I really do.  And I can't say that I necessarily disagree. 

But, let's just look at the flip side of the coin for a moment.  Yes, the President and the Democratic Party have 'dropped the ball', so to speak, and with the excitement and momentum that was built up during the election (not to mention winning a "super majority" in both Houses of Congress), could and should have done a much better job of 1) fighting off Republicans; 2) dispelling the ridiculous lies being told; and 3) keeping the ball rolling among their base ... just to name a few!

I have no qualms with that criticism.  BUT ... the fact is, the so-called "Democratic base" is and has always been a lethargic, sit-back-and-complain-but-do-nothing-to-help-THEMSELVES constituency!!!  Yes, the President owes some markers, especially to those who 'went the extra mile' to make sure he was elected ... but, since then, what have they/we done to feather our own political nest??? 

The Democratic base (i.e. "we the (Democrat) people" have never been the rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, (not to mention lyin', cheatin', deceiving, conniving), activists for our own benefit that the Republican (and now the Tea) Party are!!!  But by comparison that means that they are (and have always been) the content (take what's thrown at us), complacent, unconcerned-enough-to-get-involved, political "base" that refuses to get out there and make some noise .... be a "squeaky wheel" ... and demand that we get oiled!! 

In typical fashion, the Democratic base, (after an extraordinary effort to make sure we gave ourselves the perfect 'set up' that could actually bring CHANGE to the way this country has typically be governed) .... has sat around and done NOTHING to either give the President some HELP on that "change" initiative, nor to stop the onslaught of the (sometimes psychotic! ) Republican opposition that has been threatening to undo everything that they put that that 'extraordinary effort' into to change.

The Repubs (and Tea Party), from the get-go, have staged rallies, marches, called their little press conferences to publicly lodge their complaints (and we know how well that works because the media thrives on controversy .. and the Repubs give them plenty to feed on!) .  But, by the same token, where are the Democrats rallies, marches and press conferences ... in SUPPORT of - not just the President, but for what WE want, need and voted for??

As an example, everybody is mad at the President for caving in on the 'public option' portion of the HCR bill (and they should be!!) .. BUT ... as the discussion and debate was going on about whether or not to force the issue, there was plenty of media coverage about the voices of decent (news stories, polls, coverage of marches of PROTEST) ... but there was NO reciprocating demand from the Democratic voters ... we did NOT write our Congresspeople, did NOT take to the streets, did NOT demand that from our Reps that they fight for that provision!!! 

Nope ... most of us just sat in front of the TV, shaking our heads, watching the steamroller as it slowly set about flattening what WE KNEW was in our best interests ... and didn't (politically) lift a finger to stop it!!!

Now ... no, nobody likes to be chastised and "called out" on their shortcomings.  And I'm not saying that the President, his Administration and the Democratic Party don't have plenty of their own that they rightfully should be called on!! 

But the fact is, the Democratic voters do indeed come up "short" when it comes to political activism ... staying on top of what's happening to THEM in the political arena .... voting in mid-term elections ... supporting and helping the President to fight off the Republican crazies.  And, yes, the President (and the Party) have at times been disappointing ... but, as you said yourself, progress HAS been made ... "change" HAS happened ... policies (in our favor) HAVE been implemented since Obama became President .. and we are in much better shape now than we were or would have been had the unthinkable happened, and were now instead living under a McCain/Palin administration.

Yes, the President and the Democratic Party could be doing a much better job of fighting our battles - we put them there to do a job, and the expectation that they do it is NOT an unreasonable one  ... but ..... IMO, we could (and should) be doing a much better job of fighting for ourselves and winning a few battles of our own, as well!!  And to put it ALL on the President while we sit back and "whine" and "complain" about what's NOT happening, while at the same time not doing anything to MAKE things happen, for ourselves, is not the way this "political relationship" is supposed to work!!!

I think if we "buck up" ... so will they (the President and the Party).
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