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Reply to "Prez Obama: Democratic Voter Apathy Inexcusable, VP Biden tells Dems to Stop Whining"

The White House should have "bucked up"and "stop whining" since they got the gig because they are the ones who did not keep the fire burning with the Dem voters all across America.

Despite the recession, the continued job losses, money lost and all the shiggity that had to/have to do, President Obama, VP Biden, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and his inner staff and the House & Senate Democrats went soft and should have been staying on top of their message(s) with the Democratic voters since the election of the President going toe to toe and talking point rhetoric to talking point rhetoric with the Repubs & the Tea party with all these false claims, blatant racism, right wing rhetoric and the constant lies being told.

They allowed the Republicans to control the media agenda & coverage 24/7, in all media formats/outlets and drive the negative messages to all Americans and the result? The President (as of today) still being asked or questions abound if he's a Muslim or a Christain,
the constant racist attacks against him and his family, the media's use of negative polling every day and trying to display his job performance to this point as a complete failure after 2 yearsin office & strenghting of the Tea Party and the rise of the Glenn Becks and Sarah Palins when she should have been deemed completely irrevelantand and dissappeared into the frigid snow banks of Alaska after the general election.

And now you have dissapointed Democrats all across the nation who sacrificed and worked their asses off to get Obama elected and VP Biden chosen and now in one of the most critical elections of this nations's history, you say to the very hand that feeds you to "buck up" and stop whining?

Most Dem Americans are not pissed at those comments but the fact that the Prez and the White House don't fight back and have allowed the Republicans and the newly created Tea Party (all one in the same) to run all over you without any equal fight, pushback or stronger feedback from the Dems in regards to fighting back all the lies and bullshyt that they push everyday which overshadows all the accomplishments that the Prez and the Dem have completed.

And the media, they relish in the lies since they knows that it increases ratings.

In the minds of President Obama's inner circle, the magic & success that it took to elect President Obama will return once again in November...but the reality is that most Americans don't vote in November elections and those people who voted Obama in know that he is not on the was hard enough getting them out to the polls to elect Obama with Obama being the main factor in but for these elections....for lower level positions where the rubbermeets the will be much, much harder......and critizing your base does not help at all........they want encouragement, not criticism.......I hope that they realize and understand that.