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Reply to "President Obama proposes idea of two free years of community college"

Originally Posted by Scottm424:

In my view, all this would do would reduce the already questionable value of a college degree. IF everyone has a Associates Degree, then companies would start asking for the Master's as the entry-level degree.

Exactly and it already started.


Corporations don't need to invest in training people for work because that's what college is supposed to do. That's why tution prices can go up each year. There is no competition in training new workers. The gov't just funds exploitation of young people.


High School degrees already don't mean anything. Associate degrees are a waste of money. 4 Year degree is new high school diploma. Masters Degrees are king in social sciences.


It's a dumb idea, Associates Degrees already don't mean anything unless you get it a definite skill. Like HVAC.


This is a ridiculous idea on to expand such a program on a federal level. 


Originally Posted by Momentum:
There are a lot of jobs that do not require a 4 year degree, AC and Heat, Electrical work, plumbing work, heavy machine, construction work, engine repair, plenty of 2 year technical degrees, web developers, much of the IT stuff is really about being able to learn and execute. But what do I know i'm not looking but its really about mastering what you want to do. 


 For the average 18 year old...we don't go for those things.


Most of us go into CC to transfer to a 4 year degree. It's just a way to cut costs, or a way to work while stacking money to afford a 4 year degree. Or you do it because you didn't get a 3.7 in HS and it's a way to get your gen ed requirements out the way and make a 3.7 and transfer to the school you wanna go to. You can't stay because then your degree would be worthless unless it is vocational. And how many of us looking around wanting to be a plumber at 18. Nah, we wanna go be economists, computer scientists, software developers, mathematicians, teachers, accountants, engineers, psychologists, investment bankers, political scientists and etc. Occupations that require 4 years just to get your foot in the door.


And matter of fact High Schools themselves push you to do a Bachelors because there are two type of diplomas, college prep and technical diplomas and guess which one degree they push HS students into? You choose technical, you probably not gonna go to a university straight from high school. You'll have to go to a two year institution. 


This program would work for people that been in the workforce and want to retool and switch careers. Or people that are in their career field and need to get some class time so they can get some certs. There are tons of people in CC doing these things. They already have the work experience to the point where their 2 year degree is worth something. By itself, it isn't. 


If you are young, you must realize the game and you leave before they suck up anymore money and then tell you to go to this college all the way in the middle of nowhere so your credits can count in General Business Technology.


For this to have the grand effect that Obama and the Democratic Party want it to have, it would have to completely change the college education system from the ground up and that would mean reducing the autonomy of schools. It would mean price controls. Credit controls. School textbook price controls. Things that make the consumer aka students safe from exploitation.


Not giving these institutions more money so they can screw around with it some more. They already get tons of from the gov't money to screw around with. 


 Just like the MyBrothersKeeper program was quickly dismissed as a gov't program soon as it came out.


These band-aids that feel good when you got cuts all over the face, arms, legs but you really got an infection and you need antibiotics. So you are slowly dying but somebody rubbing your head, wrapping up your wounds makes you feel good.


At a certain point people gotta say this is bullshit and demand more and if the ruling class can't do more, tell them to go fuck themselves. 


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