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Reply to "President Obama proposes idea of two free years of community college"

Most jobs still require a 4 year degree.


Not like it would do anything. Not like the gov't can tell companies requiring a fucking 4 year degree and job experience to sweep floors or run a cash register is idiotic. 


And free 2 years of community college already have that anyway, it's called the Pell Grant. You get that and it covers for community college, it's just your degree would be worthless and 4 year schools would only take your general education requirements. 


For this to work, 2 year schools would have to offer 4 year classes and only 4 year classes 2 year schools offer are general education requirements. The other classes in thee degree programs are a total different level. Only way to do that is take control of these accreditation organizations and schools and make them have the same classes. And the US Government probably won't do that. 


Stop avoiding Universal Education shitty ass Democratic Party. You are supposed to be a "left party". This is a horrible idea. This is something Republicans would come up with and it would take people 4 years to find out how much it doesn't work - funny because a Republican state came up with this, just like a Republican state came up with Obamacare...(see so how much these parties are the fucking same? Democrats can't even produce an original idea, they just copy cat.) But when Democrats do it, it's a good idea and it would take a generation to realize how much it doesn't work. 


People already do this and the smart people that do this realize that their classes beyond general education don't mean shit and transfer after getting their general education requirements out of the way. I wish I did that instead of wasting years of my life. 


This is like affirmative action all over again, the shit doesn't work. These types of band aids never ever work because it doesn't change anything. It's like starving and being given bread and water everyday. After a while you want a fucking meal, you wanna learn how to cook, you wanna earn how to hunt, you want that consistently reduces hunger, not fucking bread and water. 


If I was starving and somebody offered me bread and water I would spit in his or her face. I would probably kill that person. 


A better idea would to make HBCUs tuition free, we are the people that need jobs anyway and only way to get that is to waste your life away in an institution that only gives you debt and hope. At least we'll get rid the debt part and HBCUs could be saved.




Oh and I just wanna say, Obama is such a damn Republican. This dude is a FAILURE of a President. He has to be the most disappointing President of all time.




Yes We Can! CHANGE!...this dude sucks. Might as well have Mitt Romney as president, in some alternative reality Mitt Romney is president and has the exact same programs. 


I wish the Democratic Party and Republican would just go ahead and merge so there can be a real alternative. 


I hate the USA.

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