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Reply to "population doubles"

Hi, nice to see you smile

Why do something like this, why not adopt? Is our need to pass down our genes that important?

Hmmm, that was deep about your friend, reminded me of that movie, "Unbreakable".

I think many women if not most want to experience the whole range of being a woman and that includes, having a baby and raising your child. It's hard to fault anyone for that, I feel. Of course the wise thing to do is adopt.

You know it's somewhere written in our genes to bear fruit, for some it's a strong urge to do so. I think most of us have urges that will not listen to logic or even love.

Remember that Star Trek Generations episode when they saved a planet from geologic catastrophe and the human inhabitants on the planet were genetically perfect, each genetically engineered for particular jobs and expertise. One way they perfected their genetics was not allowing any fetus with deformities born. Geordi born blind, had not existed, no need for that special Visor and unavailable to them to save the planet. Cool smile

Ingenious inventions come about because of our defective nature.