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Reply to "population doubles"

Yeah I know but many do not take it seriously. I think the attitude is "so what, nothing I can do about it, so I don't care. Meanwhile I will ignore any threat that does not fit my political sentiments and oppose what I don't like." I really think this is the general thinking in most shallow minded, agenda bent folks. Oh well.

Estimated for 2050.

United States 397 million
Canada 40 million
Brazil 247 million
Germany 71 million
Japan 109 million
Russia 104 million
China 1,462 million
India 1,572 million

An article in The Economist points out that by 2050, around 1/3 of the American population will be 60 or older. In Canada and much of Western Europe, 35-45% will be 60 or older. In most Western countries America included, the birth rate does not reach the replacement level. Consequently, young immigrants will become an increasingly sought after commodity.

Immigrants will come from less affluent areas, such as Africa, Asia. Europe, Canada, America and will be thoroughly chocolatized. In other words, white people will be in serious decline.

JazzDog, that is what I heard too about China, I also hear that women are trying to get out of China as fast as they can. Chinese women are becoming more educated and exposed to Western life they want it too and are seeking a way out.