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Reply to "Police Brutality vs. Spanking your child (a.k.a child abuse)"

I think that it is too easy to make the police and whites as the boogeyman for all that is wrong in our community.
It is easy for us to say that we need to take ownership but then we drop the ball.
We need to get folks to stop dreaming and to live in reality.

1- The majority of us are not going to move to africa and live happily-ever-after
2- Whites are not going to disappear or give up power.
3- We have to stop killing our people. We have to become intolerant of the people who make victims of us.
4- The only conspiracy is that of continued ignorance within our community and that is what is relied upon to stiffle progress in the community.

I have family members in the West Indies who are police and the problems are the same (and they are blacks policing blacks).

No matter where you go you will find the same issues. It is easier to cling to the hope that your shit life is the result of outside conspiracies than the piss poor choices that you have made.

I find that self-reflection is lost on the majority of people.

I would rather see that we co-opt the system via more black lawyers, police and judges. The system is gonno be here when we die. We can try to fight it or look for weaknesses and make it ours.