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Reply to "Plane Hits Building..."

Originally posted by MBM:
Frenchy - get help. eyes kiss Next you'll be telling me that we actually did walk on the moon. lol

Alright, now I'm convinced that we DID walk on the moon. The science is entirely possible and I've explained several times over the years what the so-called "anomalies" are.

I think people who think the moon landings are a hoax just can't believe that Mankind has come that far and they have a hard time accepting it (I know, it can be hard to take in when you think about it).

Making the moon landing out to be a hoax is one conspiracy theory that I think is rubbish (and I generally like conspiracy theories cool). Most of the arguments against it are from peole who don't seem to understand physics beyond a middle school level. I've taken college physics already, and the science DOES fit the landing.

But, I agree that the alleged 757 crashing into the Pentagon is far-fetched. That't the damndest Boeing crash I've ever seen if it was a Boeing plane.
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