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Reply to "Pacifying the Masses"

Fifteen years ago Smokey Robinson came to Cincinnati illegally promoting his 'Soul In A Bowl" Franchise. (i.e. He was being sued at the time).
This coon single-handedly ended the boycott in Cincinnati in June of 2005. Because when asked if he knew anything about the boycott he lied and said he knew nothing about a boycott, yet three years earlier (in 2002) he had cancelled his performance along with Bill Cosby and Winton Marsalis.
Eye guess promoting his franchise created a lapse in memory...
In June 2005 the radio (WBLZ) jumped all over Smokey Robinson's memory loss, while the city's boycott leaders stood by silently and watched the boycott end. Of course the story hit mainstream media and the Santangelo Group who sprung back into business.
The boycott was initiated to protest the brutal, unfair murder of Michael Thomas by police officer Roach on April 7, 2001 in a neighborhood called "Over The Rhine". Roach said the young man had what looked like a gun and he feared for his life. Turns out it was a cell phone.
Roach quit the police force in the city and ran to a neighborhood called Evendale in the suburbs.
In 2019 the festival is going strong; the Santangelo Groups' pockets are full of our LIQUID MONEY; and boycott leaders are nowhere to be found while the senseless murder of Michael Thomas has been all but forgotten...
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