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Reply to "Pacifying the Masses"

I appreciated the significance of the histroy you recited.

I was required to go to Cincinnati in the mid and late 1960s for OJT (on-th-job-training) at Taft Institute. Great town. Very clean town. I discovered it is the home of Ezzard Charles legendary boxer and former NBA heavyweight champion.

But it was there I was refused a room in a hotel that was housing our entire Pennsylvania contingent.

I went downtown to a hotel I think was called 'Gibson' or the like.

I stayed two weeks.

When I left the parking lot attendant refused to give me the much-needed receipt (for recovering expenses).

He said offhandedly, 'You don't need one.', and walked away.

Cincinnati was the gatekeeper of the segregation of the South. The city sits on the Kentucky border. All southbound public transportation imposed the 'Southern Standard' at Cincinnati.

Please exercise your political power in Cincinnati.


Jim Chester