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Reply to "Our battle plans...."

Originally posted by HonestBrother:
Confession from an ex Black Conservative

I used to have problems with Affimative Action. I was one of those people who'd refuse on principle to apply for a minority scholarship because I thought it meant I wasn't as good.

Mind you, I was never as brainwashed as Constructive Feedback but I was more conservative than I am now.

Then I saw the light: White folks and black wannabees (s)elected George W. Bush for the Presidency and then I knew the truth:

White Folks - in particular foes of Affirmative Action - had NO PROBLEM AT ALL WITH MEDIOCRITY AS LONG AS IT LOOKED JUST LIKE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

George W. Bush is the most UNQUALIFIED AND UNWORTHY individual EVER in the history of jobs.

His Administration reveals for all to see the truth of the conservative Anti-AA rhetoric.

It's about white racism and the continuance of white privilege and, in the case of the Black Conservative, it's about the low self-esteem of people who've bought into white racist rhetoric about black folk.

Thank you Honest Brother! Smile

Yes, White folks have a problem with Affirmative Action because it will benefit Minorities instead of just White people. White people have no problem with WHITE Affirmative Action (White Skin Privilege).

White Conservatives don't hate "hand-outs" like they claim, they just hate "hand-outs" that go to people they don't like. They have no problem benefitting from White Skin Privilege, corporate handouts from the federal government, and social benefits like 401k, subsidized work transit, health care and medicare for elderly White Republicans.