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Reply to "Our battle plans...."

The WHITE BOY Statement of The Week:

The Black community will CHANGE whatever the popular sentiment IS when THE BLACK COMMUNITY places RESULTS above LOYALTY TO SOME IDEOLOGY.

If you all are so comfortable in your position WHY DO YOU SPEND SO MUCH TIME ENFORCING IT ON OTHER BLACKS rather than having them come to this conclusion absent so much pressure to remain "united"?

I guess this is like "pressure" is like Saddam Hussein's "imposition" of Islamic Law or something... Something you just claim to be so because of how you see the world through WHITE BOY Glasses.

I mean, here we are, again, with yet another one of your CONTRADICTIONS and (( GAPING HOLES!! ))

You relayed some dumb ass, incoherent, ENGLISH poor story about your high school basketball team and peers on your The Strong Gravitational Pull Of The IGNORANT thread. Yet, your very situation CONTRADICTS that BS you want to suggest because you were not "pulled in" nore were you "pressured"... in the story you relayed. So what "pressure" and what "enforcing" are you talking about "WHITE BOY???"

I mean, only someone DUMB (and sorry) and/or WHITE actually thinks there is this "pressure" you talk about in the sweeping, indiscriminate fashion that you do. And you made those claims, suggested that EP "spends so much time enforcing" and pressuring "other Blacks" (spoken just like a WHITE BOY) to remain "united." Please list those activities or STFU!!

Also, what exactly is your rhetoric about if not for Black people to be "unified" in taking what you consider the best approach?? I mean, you've done shown, pretty clearly, that you have been about nothing but TWO FRONTIN' - i.e. claiming you believe in TWO FRONTS while placing all your rhetoric-eggs in a One Front Basket. Now, it's clear that your futile efforts, the whole purpose of your rhetoric is to force, pressure... hell, beg people to unite along your empty and fake (transparent) ass ideas.

You've obviously haven't maintain what you claimed. You've been TWO FRONTIN' all along.

Negro-CON... You know you don't believe that and never subscribed to that idea. If you did, you would not begrudge, bemoan, detest or otherwise be so disturbed by any of those who BATTLE ON A DIFFERENT FRONT from you -- those who don't function from your philosophical and ideological platform.

You would not have any disparaging remarks for anyone whom you characterize as only having ideas that require/ask WHITE FOLKS TO CHANGE... I mean, you did call that one of the TWO *interrelated* and non-mutually exclusive FRONTS, so really... I'm your MIRROR MAN and I'm working overtime showing you your ugly ass all the time... because you like showing (and exposing) your raw, dumb shitty ASS all the time.

Do you believe in TWO FRONTS or not CON-Feed??
Since it's clear you DO NOT... Why in the hell did you try to fake the the funk back then?

Was it the PRESSURE??
The Strong Gravitational Pull from within you to act IGNORANT?? bump
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