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Reply to "Our battle plans...."

Originally posted by Kevin41:
Sounds good EP....notice how my questions to CF are glossed over? you know why? a fair answer would place whites in the position to have adverse actions directed towards them by blacks

And you're darned right about that! If he ever did give a fair, objective answer to the questions posed to him, it would force him to admit that the Establishment is inherently racist, and that Black impovershment is a product of institutionalized racism, not some kind of mass, racio-cultural inferiority.

quote: if that sorry azz CF really gave a fuck about black people...he would see that action as reciprocating, fair and outside of AA policy he swears I live by as gospel.......but when you ideologically isolate someone to respond to a policy choice, their response shows you where their heart really is here to defend whites and protect them...even when their actions are detrimental to blacks........

Yep, indeed he is. tfro

You have him pegged correctly. He's out solely for himself, not for the Black Community! All he cares about is making money by hook or by crook so he can move to a middle-class neighborhood and live with the White Jones' and brag to his White neighbors about how he "pulled himself up by his bootstraps unlike the other Negroes".

Maybe somewhere, deed down in his "heart" of hearts, or in his "soul" (if he even really has a heart or soul lol), he feels guilty about shamelessling whoring himself to the White Establishment for profit. So he tries to ease his "conscience" (if he truly has one) by pretending to be siding with the GOP for some "pro-Black" reasons and then buries his head in the sand to the facts and pretends that we just don't side with them because we want to be "helpless". Then he accuses us of being helpless little lambs clinging onto the Democrats and points out their flaws in hopes he will appear "pro-Black" while supporting the racist-ass GOP platform.