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Reply to "Open Plea To Black Gangs In America"

Originally Posted by Yemaya:
Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

  Good luck with that. 

This was idea addressed by Min. Louis Farrakhan at his most recent Savior's Day event. Though the idea of enlisting armed black men to protect the community is not a new concept, enlisting gang members to call a truce to help black people is not a good idea mainly because of their mindsets.  Malcolm X offered a better idea when he wanted VietNam vets to help train black men all over the world to help defend Africa and the US black populations. I suspect this is where Louis Farrakhan got the idea.

The idea isn't new but the circumstances are different.  One of the difficulties in dealing with "gangs" is overcoming the knee jerk "lock em up and throw away the key attitude".  Once that barrier is broken its easier to see the history of how (and why) gangs where formed and why it seems to be more out of control today (according to OG's). 


This is one area where we (the Hon. Louis Farrakhan/NOI) are known to do well, because we listen to them, and when we do talk, we talk to them not at them.


Malcolm was FOI, and as such he was familiar with the training of FOI and saw its value for the population as a whole.  But that type training must occur in the context of spiritual development and culture refinement.   If not, that militancy that looks for an external enemy to defend from, will eventually turn inward.


**and interestingly we're back to the beginning of the thread (ie gang formation).