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One of the New York Parades!

Well, some may already know that I have been in the Inkster's Day parade
before. But this parade I just researched looks so fun I wish I was there.
They look like they could boost up anyone's day with the pictures I see
on the website. There's a paradise in Harlem.

The 34th Annual African American Day Parade located at Malcolm
X Boulevard in Harlem, the steeldrum aka Steelband was represented. The parade
itself showcases many marching bands doing the most wonderful
drum and bugle calls.

The young men, women, and children danced, stepped, and played drums, bugles,
trombones and other instruments, fascinating thousands of people
that gathered down the route up to its end at 142nd St.

Historically Black colleges, fraternities, Police/fire departments, other
military personnel, unions, media, lodges, other organizations. Observers
took to the parade route waving and smiling. Thousands of people
waved their red, black and green flags in shows of solidarity. Harlem's
steelband, Harlem All Stars bringing their rousing finish and curtain down
on an entire parade.

Thousands of the band's supporters danced with the parade and
at the same time pushed the steelband racks and pans forward,
while the other supporters in the front pulled the band on.

The NYPD paused to let the parade go ahead of them. The pan
lovers and supporters were eager to enjoy the band music until
it ended. The cops directed the band and supporters
down 142nd street

The DC-37 Union presented union members and steelband players on a float.
Everything, the set up, the people, all looked so glamorous. I imagine it's the
type of parade one would never want to leave.
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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