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Reply to "On Condoleeza Rice & the Troubling Way We Define "Being Black"?"


I think Dr. Rice has a problem in verbally reconciling her ethnicity with her upbringing and her public life.

Dr. Rice is derided at home.


Can we agree that this is YOUR VIEW and interpretation of Dr Rice and that you don't know that this represent HER OWN THOUGHTS?

In MY VIEW she is a Black Female in good standing and certainly worthy of a role model for my Black daughter.

I only wish that YOU and others would be more verbal about the Black people WHO ARE ACCEPTED INTO THE FOLD who "VERBALLY RECONSILE THEIR ETHNICITY WITH THEIR ENTERTAINMENT CAREERS as they profit from SAMBO musich that depicts their UPBRINGING in the Ghetto in a very disrespectful and exploitative manner".

Dr. Rice HAS DONE NOTHING TO HARM BLACK AMERICA. You all simply don't like the Bush policies and you are targeting anyone who stands with these policies.

Somewhere around the world is an extremist who does not distinguish YOU from the American policies that have impacted his people for more than 50 years as they focus their anger against Israel. In an attack he is not going to take the time to point out your personal views as distinguished from american policy. He is going to look at your passport as you travel and claim your dead body as a trophy for his movement.

Again I have to wonder why you don't hold the members of Congress who have voted in support of American policy (ie: support for war funding) to the same standard?