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Reply to "On Condoleeza Rice & the Troubling Way We Define "Being Black"?"

When all is said and done Dr. Rice is an American of unknown African ancestry.

She is 'black' in our society.

She is Dr. Condolezza Rice in most of the remainder of the world.

Dr. Rice is derided at home.

It's what we do. We think African Americans should 'do something' to admit their commonality with us.

Simply being 'black' is not enough.

I think Dr. Rice has a problem in verbally reconciling her ethnicity with her upbringing and her public life.

I DO NOT think Dr. Rice is a bigot. I don't think anyone is saying she is.

She just doesn't do 'it' right.

When she says 'We' it doesn't feel like it means 'us'n's'.

It sounds like it means we as Americans.

She never seems to claim her heritage.

And...I'm still proud of her as one of us.


Jim Chester