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Reply to "On Condoleeza Rice & the Troubling Way We Define "Being Black"?"

Originally posted by MBM:

How many people die as a result of a tasteless rap video? How many people die as a result of an illegitimate war? CF - you do the math.

Again - the FLAW in your argument is the lie that has been propagated that the mass DEATH in Iraq started from the invastion.

MBM: You are a hypocrite in the worst way. You condemn death but only reserve your focus on the death of 2001 Americans. For years the people of Iraq suffered abundant death yet you remained silent. The same forces who are fighting this war also backed the POLICY that allowed for GUNS to remain silent yet they waged an ECONOMIC WAR on Iraq and also stood by while the program that they set up "Oil For Food" was used as a financial racketeering mechanism to enrich those who are in power.

Which POLICY would tend to kill more people MBM - a street gun battle in which those who are participants are the more likely to be killed with stray bullets killing innocents while the masses take cover?

Or a POLICY in which all of the hospitals and grocery stores of this same community are virtually shut down and the masses have "no where to hide" as they are impacted from not having basic elements of life?

It is quite amazing how the different choices and values are expressed with respect to the leadership at the top of the USA at the time. Though it is true that the War effort has had more American lives taken away and more money spent the FAILED policy that this war replaced was longer enduring yet offered no movement forward toward a resolution and was FAR MORE DEADLY and all encompassing upon the innocent people of Iraq.

The only thing that you can say is that "Fewer American guns were fired and few American lives were lost as they were in Airplanes dropping bombs for 10 years on Iraqi targets that 'threatened them'.