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Reply to "On Condoleeza Rice & the Troubling Way We Define "Being Black"?"

She has distanced herself from the majority of African people. Perhaps she is reaping what she's sown.


Why is it that Blacks who are Left of Center tend to run on the concept that the "Mass is always RIGHT" concept rather than "We have the right set of thoughts AND HERE IS OUR PROOF BASED ON THE RESULTS THAT WE HAVE OBTAINED AS SHOWN BY THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE BLACK MASSES FOR THE BETTER?"

Should all Black people be forced to stick with the crowd rather than to be allowed to follow where their life experiences and understandings take them?

There are few Blacks on the typical college level swim teams. Should we avoid this?

There are few Blacks in certain engineering professions. Stay away?

My wife's friend is studying to become a doctor of Anthropology. Not too much color in the academic ranks despite the fact they study many people of color. Should she back off because this is not a "mainline Black area of study?"

I am more interested in Black people WHO HAVE NOT DISTANCED THEMSELVES FROM THE BLACK MASSES but who's PRODUCT as they EXPLOIT their "membership" has allowed them TO GET AWAY WITH PROJECTING IMAGES that no "enemy" would EVER, EVER, EVER be able to get away with.

The SAMBO ENTERTAINER is doing much more GLOBAL HARM to Black people than anything that you can charge Condi Rice with doing to harm Black folks. Not even close.

When the MEASURING DEVICE that you and others are shown to have more FIDELITY AND INTEGRITY then I believe that Dr. Rice and other Blacks who's only crime is that THEY DON'T THINK AS YOU DO should consider your views. I have learned that it is far more revealing to consider the Blacks who violate "the Black trust" but receive NO REBUKE than to listen as you and other rail against some Blacks because of their ideological stances. This shows the lack of integrity of the measure that is being made. It shows a sould of INJUSTICE held within those who frequently call for JUSTICE.