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Reply to "On Condoleeza Rice & the Troubling Way We Define "Being Black"?"

In fact, we're finding her somewhat lacking in some areas and too eager to maintain Administration status-quo.


Can I ask you a question?

Can you show many any ink that you had spilled in challenging:

Mike Espy, former Ag Sect on why he didn't do right by the Black farmers when he was the boss of the regional managers in HIS department who were using racial discrimination to not hand out loans to Black Farmers? Instead he was accused of accepting gifts from the same CORPORATIONS that he was charged with regulating. Do you think the Black farmers came up as an issue when he flew on the private jet to the Super Bowl?

Do you think Hazel O'Leary as Energy Secretary had the US Energy companies to not spew as much soot on Black communities from their smoke stacks? What about her asking them to "Do right" in Nigera?

What about Rodney Slater at Transportation? Did he increase minority contracting WELL IN EXCESS than if there was a WHITE MAN sitting in his seat?

You see, Black(Democratic) I am not challenging your right to be critical....I AM CHALLENGING YOUR HIGHLY SELECTIVE USE OF YOUR MEASURING DEVICE. It seems that your measuring device is not to "tare" any longer.

Where was your "voice" back then my brother?

What about the scores of Black mayors and elected officials that are all about this land? Why do you only reserve your judgement against those who don't carry the same water bucket that you carry?

Are you measuring these people's EFFECTIVENESS at executing their agenda OR are you measuring their EFFECTIVENESS at staying true to what YOU BELIEVE? Your silence on others tells me that a Black Democrat official, as long as he stays true to what you believe WILL NEVER be held accountable by you of his ACTUAL RESULTS.

This is truely sad.