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Reply to "Oh, wow. So, this is how to quiet world/Black world outcry against Israel's racism?"

This is what I was talking about.


A second group made up of another 175 Ethiopians, known as Falash Mura, are expected to arrive on Tuesday, Jewish Agency spokesman Michael Jankelowitz said.

The new immigrants will be sent to the 21 Jewish Agency "absorption centers" in Israel that deal with Ethiopian immigrants upon their arrival.

In 1984, Israel began bringing Ethiopia's Jewish community to Israel under the Law of Return, which guarantees citizenship to all Jews. That project was mostly completed by 1991.

But the Falash Mura are not considered Jewish under the faith's strict rules because their ancestors converted to Christianity, in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Some have relatives within the Ethiopian Jewish community living in Israel, but they are not eligible to join them under the Law of Return.

In order to successfully emigrate to Israel, they must prove they have a matrilineal Jewish heritage, and agree to convert to Judaism within two years of arriving here, Jankelowitz said.

Israeli governments have authorized the immigration of some 11,000 Falash Mura. Those arriving Monday and Tuesday are the last members of a group of 3,000 who received permission to come to Israel two years ago.

Around 100,000 Ethiopian Jews now reside in Israel.


There was controversy a few years ago regarding Israel's reluntance[sp] to make Ethiopian Jews citizens of Israel[even though they are the original Jews].  But the loop hole not to include them is this ridiculous because during the Spanish Inquisition many Jews converted to Christanity on the outside but inside they were STILL practicing their faith.  So how now can Israel FORGET what their people had to do to survive?  Why?  RACISM and gulit.  Cuz they know that they stole this identity from the Orthodox Jews in Ethiopia...centuries ago.  And don't wanna face it today cuz they were very instrumental in selling slaves in that regent in East Africa along with the notorious Arabs.  Just a little history we shouldn't overlook cuz this paegant really is a distraction from the real truth happening with Ethiopian Jews.  They are just using the tactics used in America.  But I see YOU Israel. Instead of aspiring to be a "model," she should take this opportunity to shine the light of those Ethiopians who will not receive their citizenship based on an ill-designed law created solely by Israeli racism.  But I'm sure she won't.  But!