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Reply to "Obama's Righteous Rage"

Originally posted by HonestBrother:
Originally posted by negrospiritual:
debates aren't Obama's strong point either sck

This stuff is strange. These elections are about 95% beauty pageant ... and 5% issues ...

It doesn't matter if debates are Obama's strong point. People are going to say he did well because of the general perception that he's eloquent. For example, I wasn't that impressed with his acceptance speech at the DNC. I actually agreed with Peggy Noonan's assessment of it. But most people thought it was great ... in accordance with Obama's general reputation as a great speaker.

In the end, the "debates" are not scored as one would if you regard a debate as a purely intellectual exercise. Because these presidential debates have very little to do with what one normally considers when confronted with a purely intellectual exercise.

For example, I finally saw the Rick Warren event where McCain supposedly did very well .. and Obama not so well.

As an intellectual exercise, I preferred Obama's performance. I was surprised (perhaps I shouldn't have been) that he seemed to have some philosophical depth. However, he spoke in a halting manner (as if - heaven forbid - he were actually thinking about the questions) and he gave complex answers to complex questions. This is wonderful for an intellectual exercise. Not so good for a presidential "debate".

Although I didn't appreciate McCain's part of the show as much, he scored on giving short, succinct, to-the-point answers to the questions. Everything about that event played to McCain's base. The questions first and foremost. But lastly - and something we should not underestimate - the Republican base and Americans generally really like short simple answers .... even to complex questions that deserve more than short simple answers.

Anyway, no matter how they perform during the debates, Obama will be judged "inspiring" and "eloquent" ... McCain will be judged a "maverick".

Who cares about the issues?

yeah and I find the point in red highly annoying.